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The Club By Many Names

TheTagan is a podcaster and tech innovation strategist translating stories with data, marketing and tech. Founders Get Funds (FGF) was founded by TheTagan in 2019. Follow her global journey that lead to FGF.

The Launch with TheTaganFounders Get Funds
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She became inspired by entreprenurship’s ability to build communities while working with a savings club, L’Entente Feminine, in Dakar, Senegal. TheTagan saw women grow from a couple items of inventory to owning their own shop. However, they still lacked the resources needed to hire employees. She wanted to raise money for them by creating content telling their stories and sharing to social media. However, there was no clear route to raise U.S. dollars in Senegal. Additionally, the women did not have bank accounts to collect the funds. Her efforts were stunted, and she left feeling like she wasted an opportunity to empower others.

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A Global Community

TheTagan designs global communities for the overworked and underpaid to build stronger businesses together. Her desire to build a global community is written in her journey. This video below was made by TheTagan. From this trip to Dakar, Senegal she became inspired to start Founders Get Funds.

Following her time in Dakar, she continued her research with theoretical framework aimed to prove that Microfinance solutions, especially ones with a focus on community, are positively related to entrepreneurship. In March 2020, she developed a process for online savings clubs for founders. Unlike traditional savings clubs, these clubs encouraged founders to save. After 6 months, FGF Clubs had 11 total users that saved $1,500+. In addition to saving, FGF Members met weekly for Get Funds Sessions to learn from business development experts and to build community with each other.


TheTagan is committed to being a bridge for a global community. She graduated from Spelman College with a degree in International Studies. As a student, she visited 6 countries. However, she had her first solo trip abroad at 16 with Global Leadership Adventures. She spent 2 weeks in Dzitia, Ghana building compost toilets for Dream Big Ghana.


More From TheTagan

  • Wrote a senior thesis on the “The Impact of Microfinance Institutions and Mobile Banking on Entrepreneurship In West Africa” (find it in French here)

  • 2019 Venture For America Fellow (Account Manager at a tech start-up growing digital ticket solutions for sporting teams and venues and Entrepreneurship Lead for Cleveland’s CLC)

  • Previously founded TTX Digital, providing fast high quality social media content batches for business (see work samples below)

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