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A non-fungible token or NFT is data that represents any unique item (art, audio, experiences, physical items, video etc.). This data exists on a blockchain. A blockchain is a network of computers that verifies and keeps record of all transactions on a specific protocol. A protocol is a P2P network of computers operating on top of the Internet that allows for transactions without a middleman.

FGF is a NFT ideation studio. The culture of money has left many excluded. So, our method is grounded in empathy in order to build design solutions to benefit the most people. With FGF, founders ideate on "How to imagine the value of NFTs."  We provide media and consulting services on navigating the design thinking process.  We curate partnerships to help founders build value with NFT solutions. 


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FGF's partnerships help founders build and fund NFT solutions to decentralize their marketing strategy.

Dakar Gallery

Dakar Gallery


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FGF's media helps founders navigate the design thinking process.


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FGF organizes market research on emerging markets in the metaverse.

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Many are overworked and underpaid due to the culture of money. This does not exclude business owners. The process of searching and applying for opportunities can become a full-time job for founders. How can decentralizing your funding strategy help you get funds?

FGF helps founders decentralize funding by imagining new revenue models with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Many founders are working towards “financial freedom.” This goal is marked by milestones such as owning a home to create a legacy for their family. This is logical, as home ownership is the #1 driver for wealth in America. However, from sharecropping to Federal Housing Policies systemic barriers to owning property have left many excluded. Amber Ruffin explains how the Great Depression, the New Deal and banks created the middle class and “the hood.”

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Redlining created a loop effect. As Black families were pushed into “risky neighborhoods”, the values of homes in these areas continued to declined. The cumulative loss in assets amounts to $156B.


The money drained from overworked and underpaid communities has created generations without the financial liberty to make choices needed to “make it in America.” As a result, the culture of money in these communities has shifted to one of scarcity instead of abundance. As an entrepreneur, thinking out of scarcity will always limit the success of your business.

Your financial freedom depends on your mindset and that is fully in your control. If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or stuck start with adjusting your mindset. Transitioning from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance turns your product or service into a value creation process. FGF curates media to help founders tap into their imagination and create value for their communities.

FGF shifts the culture of money with...

The underlying systemic problems in society are also defining tech innovation. Weapons of math destruction are micromanaging our economy from advertising to prisons. These mathematical principles, such as statistics, are employed to validate your market in the early stages of a business or when making a pivot. However, the culture that has standardized these methods are inherently unethical. The men who were most influential on establishing modern day statistics were all proud eugenicists. So, is statistics racist?

Ethnomathematics is the study of the relationship between mathematics and culture. There are infinite numerical systems. However, the one that shapes your society is derived from social meanings. In The West, mathematics is a science “which draws necessary conclusions from logical evidence of fact demonstrated with the aid of numeric system.” In Igbo mathematics, the number systems have both common connotation and implied religious/spiritual meaning.

Counting systems are the basis on which other forms of science exists, including computer science. We are in the “New Economy”; in which technological innovations are the center of the hype. As the world becomes more automated so do its ugly habits. Joy Buolamwini is combating algorithmic bias in facial recognition.

Shalini Kantayya developed the film, Coded Bias to explore MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini’s discovery that facial recognition does not see dark-skinned faces accurately. Buolamwini is also the founder of the Algorithmic Justice League that develops research reflecting on the priorities, preferences, and prejudices or “the coded gaze” possessed by those with the power to mold artificial intelligence.

These voices are needed to influence how we are going to use technologies such as AI consumer products. You may not feel aligned with what is traditionally perceived as a STEM leader. However, this means your voice is needed now more than ever.


The culture of money has created an individualistic economy particularly in the United States. This mindset has not escaped the sphere of entrepreneurship and may, in fact, be a leading factor to the popularity of individualism. For founders fighting for access to resources in legacy markets, the metaverse is a new space for founders to build from the ground up.