Who Is TheTagan?

A young black woman has emerged as a pioneer and leader in micro-financing. TheTagan has a unique expertise that has led her to create this great opportunity. I had the pleasure of

meeting TheTagan using social media. It’s amazing who you will meet if you’re willing to listen and learn. This young lady gave me the opportunity to rationalize business finances and introduced me to a whole new idea within entrepreneurship for minorities. TheTagan has created a platform of accountability and resources that exist for minorities today. Economic inclusion is a right we all deserve. This new platform that I was introduced to gave me a fresh perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur. I’m excited to have met such an amazing woman. Her organization has created three (3) opportunities for me within the last seventy-two(72) hours.

What is “FoundersGetFunds?”

This company is a great resource for minority-owned businesses that seek to grow and thrive financially. This is an emerging network of smart and innovative founders that have resourceful strategies that prove to be both effective and productive in our emerging yet chaotic society. Given the recent pandemic, unemployment is areal issue. More than ever, starting your own business is a real possibility. You have the ability to take your finances into your own hands with great opportunities. There is an enormous amount of time for professionals that are willing to invest and grow a substantial business. All it takes is a way to save, learn, and grow. “FoundersGetFunds” gives you the opportunity to do all three (3) with a great network to utilize as well. Founder, TheTagan created this business as a lifestyle and movement that has taken fellow entrepreneurs by surprise. Her methods and strategies have been backed by research and experience that she continues to utilize as a leader. The

“FoundersGetFunds” movement is also a blog and podcast series that allows others to absorb her resources in different ways. The brief yet powerful interactions that TheTagan creates is what is unique. The close interactions for entrepreneurs give them more attention with greater value. This young lady is breaking barriers while raising awareness for emerging issues that are impacting our society.

There are innovative solutions on every platform she has created. This is a real visionary that continues to manifest her dreams into reality. I’m honored to be a fly on the wall and watch her business grow with prosperity. There is a plethora of tools to help others establish a firm foundation. I want you to be a part of this network moving forward! This is why the power of networking yields a priceless ROI (Return on Investment).

Most businesses tend to generate limited sales when they are just starting out. There are number of issues that can plague your growth. Joining “FoundersGetFunds” can change the possibilities for your brand or business. Think about the powerful network that you can create. It’s important to connect with professionals in your industry or niche that are willing to invest in their futures. On average, it takes seven (7) streams of income to break into the next tax bracket. You never know how your life will change but you can save and invest to protect your future. Most business owners lose sight of the big picture within the first year of business. It takes commitment and dedication to run a stable business.

“FoundersGetFunds creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to receive great information while establishing the mission and purpose of their brand. It’s essential to be a part of the community not just serve the neighborhood. As an entrepreneur within this network, you will have the capability to overcome adversity with persistence. It’s great to have a group of like-minded professionals that understand your purpose. The way to build longevity is to save, learn, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs in the “FoundersGetFunds” community. Sign up today!

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