The Viral Smile with Brian Mays

A chewable tablet that allows you to brush your teeth on the go is a smart product that helps our communities. The E-commerce industry is a flexible industry that creates a lot of growth. However, you have to be able to adapt. Brian Mays has been a great example of a team leader and marketing expert that created funding opportunities to establish his business. Brian’s product is an amazing idea that came from analyzing sales within different jobs. Ever since a young kid, Brian was interested in startup funds. He developed a competitive mentality for the development and security of his business. Brian’s mission was to lower shipping cost while providing quality to the community. Finding smarter ways to invest in recyclable materials created opportunities for Brian’s team to generate more sales. would give entrepreneurs an opportunity to manage water weight.

Brian started the company in 2017 with the idea of sustainable packaging for all communities. Between LA and New York, Brian has found the secret to success. His business continues to flourish with numbers increasing on a daily basis. The leads and sales have created a form of e-commerce that separates the work Brian does remotely. This business has set a standard for startups in our generation. When you are building and creating your business, think about how “Viral Smiles” paved the way for our emerging culture. The finances behind dental products cater to the community. One would think funding was a part of the developmental process, but Brian planned strategically. He was smart with his money as the caption of his ship. Based on personal experience, Brian wanted to maximize the recycle materials that were not harming the environment. “An ethical environment.”

Found a need to develop good, clean products for consumers. The intent was to use the most functional products that are functional and resourceful. The business is a philanthropic tool to give back to communities in need. Really wanted to build an emphasis on education and development.

NOTE: This business was inspired by the Black Panther movement. Giving back to the community while offering products that communities need.

A lot of the business was self-funded. Early on, Brian believed in what he was doing so he wanted to reinvest as he continued to grow. It was his priority to find periods of time to give essential resources to the community (former sales manager before becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur). Brian always had an entrepreneurial mentality. Brian wanted to create his own hours and build his own brand. Initially, Brian did a real-estate deal that got him funding then bought a few stocks to get over the hump. Soon, he started to leverage financial tools and savings to start his business. Periodically, he had to rely on checks from “9-5” but saw opportunities expand early. People get in trouble with scaling because they do not want to bring in reinforcement. Building a team is so much more powerful than creating on your own.

Reinvesting and building longevity is important for Brian at “The Viral Smile.”

With a stronger background in sales and marketing, Brian gave his expertise to areas that he was strong in and delegated the other resources to leading experts. A strong E-commerce and marketing background.

Brian continued to further expertise at conferences. Brian continued to shift the demand of his marketing skills by networking and developing value for his business. Brian kept grinding to create the opportunity he has today. At one point he worked for 12 different companies. He took tons of meetings and calls to expand his ability as a holistic marketer with top strategies.

Using Facebook and Instagram stock to build equity and networks on all sides. Having customers, clients, or associates build stories, share testimonials, and create an online presence that continues to grow.

Vegan coffee shop with foot traffic to build and expand his brand. Lease out a space where products are carried and sold to grow and shift the mold and landscape of business. Building a community space that is helpful to clients was always Brian’s goal. Another level of gratefulness to shake hands with customers, clients, or communities that are getting behind the vision and purpose: “Gratefulness and Giving Value.”

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