The Truth On Business Taxes

On the fourth episode of the Founders Get Funds (FGF) podcast, TheTagan sits down with Kimberly Spates. Ms. Spates is a skilled financial expert that is a certified public accountant and CPA. She received her MBA from Cleveland State University. This phenomenal woman has great experience as a tax expert. Ms. Spates has built a legacy of her own in the tax world where she continues to excel. Just recently, Kimberly quit her full-time job and took on entrepreneurship full-time. We need more pioneers like this willing to take a leap of faith in the black community. We need to strategically position black leaders all over the world.

During this conversation, Ms. Spates spoke about her normal routines and standard operations that can go into a day’s work now. Even though her days might look different, the passion for taxes continues to be a shining light. The gems dropped in this conversation are important because as Black entrepreneurs we are missing out on so many funds that are lingering in our society. Kimberly started doing her parents taxes in highschool.

She developed a passion for numbers that extended into her college education. Ms. Spates is a first-generation graduate within her family. It’s exciting to see Black professionals become educated and then empower the culture. As an emerging and full-time entrepreneur, Kimberly started to scale her business by acquiring more tax clients. It’s important to see women of color in positions of power to handle money. We need to improve economic inclusion and generational wealth as a community. Did you know that Kimberly has a daughter that is following in her footsteps to maximize her potential. That’s right! Soon, her tax business will be a mother and daughter operation where a legacy will begin. Hear all about it by clicking on the podcast link below:

The changes that we can make as founders are so small yet these steps have huge ramifications on the growth of our business. When you think about the funding that will enable your business to grow, a great CPA is essential. As we move into the final stretch of 2020, I want you to think about the financial tools that you will secure for your business. As a culture, we are taking too many financial risks by not allowing our taxes or book-keeping to be done correctly.

TheTagan has provided an amazing platform that we need to take advantage of as Black young professionals. There are a lot of ways to maximize your business when it comes to taxes. As a CPA, Ms. Spates discussed ways that entrepreneurs can free up time in your schedule to maximize growth and potential. Given the uncertain and chaotic times, having a tax professional to assist you grow as a business is essential. There are countless opportunities for your brand or business to maximize funding moving forward. As an entrepreneur, be alert and aware of the opportunities to explore funding. We are all looking to grow and expand. When we come together on platforms like, “Founders Get Funds” we are creating a network of like-minded professionals to take this important journey seriously. If we take the right steps now, we will be set for the future. Find out more information

about funding using the link below. While you visit the link below, think about joining a

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Written By: Jerreme Wade, Founder at ItzProgressJ LLC

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