The Spelman Venture

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Spelman College Special Ventures Fund, Inc. provides educational services. The College offers educational programs in the fields of history, physics, psychology, arts, biology, chemistry, computer and information sciences, drama, dance, economics, language, engineering, sociology, and physical education.

In this episode, 2 Spelman alumnae and a current student at Spelman College discuss entrepreneurship at HBCUs now and beyond. This includes guests Jade Lockhard, the Program Manager for the HBCU Founders Program at Nex3 and Trea’jure Dahl, the 1st HBCUvc fellow from Spelman.

During the conversation, Jade Lockhard and Trea’jure Dahl talked about why they choose to study at Spelman College and how the teaching method in Spelman is different than other colleges. On the other hand, Jade and Trea’jure give a summary of entrepreneur programs, resources, and courses provided by Spelman College.

Spelman College may need more resources for entering the start-up and venture capitalists ecosystem but there is something special about The Spelman Venture. Want to know what it is like to be an entrepreneur on a HBCU campus? Get an inside look on what shaped their entrepreneurial journeys at Spelman and how they plan to make a change for the next generation.

Jade Lockhard



Trea’jure Dahl


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