The Secret To Black Wealth

On the third episode of the Founders Get Funds (FGF) podcast, TheTagan sits down with Walter McKinney Jr. He is the President and CEO of McKinney Group Management. As a financial expert, Mr. McKinney has managed at least $30 million in assets. That’s a ton of money! As a financial advisor at AG Edwards & Sons, Walter has a wealth of knowledge and experience. During this conversation, Mr. McKinney gives a lot of advice for our emerging generation of Black entrepreneurs. This advice is important because there are so many black entrepreneurs that forget about funding or have to get outside counsel regarding important financial decisions. What if we could make financial decisions together, as a culture of Black people? It would be life-changing! This conversation was very empowering to hear with words and thoughts from a pioneer in the financial space. We all occupy space with the decisions we make as a community. Your decisions impact us all whether you believe it or not. Together, we can create generational wealth for all black business owners. These were some of my favorite gems that I took away from the podcast:

1. Wealth doesn’t happen by accident.

2. Change the way you think about capital.

3. Discipline leads to a life of finance.

When I think about these gems and how they impact my brand, I think about acquiring the right financial team. Walter mentioned three important financial experts that every business owner should have. These experts will allow you to operate and maintain a stable business financially to grow. After hearing these team members that I will need moving forward, my mind went back to the drawing board. The three financial experts you should have include:

1. Financial Advisor

2. Financial Counsel

3. CPA Accountant

To achieve our goals and aspirations as entrepreneurs, we must think about the funds that will allow us to operate. Creating a plan to secure those funds might be the first step. Maybe, thinking about how you spend will be the next. If you are to take your business to the next level, you must take some of the gems away from this podcast. Mr. McKinney has given our generation the secrets to wealth in an exclusive interview with TheTagan. Don’t miss the gems and get lost in the sauce. Catch a new episode next Tuesday!

Written By: Jerreme Wade, Founder at ItzProgressJ LLC

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