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On the second episode of the Founders Get Funds (FGF) podcast, TheTagan sat down with Dana Wilson of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper). This conversation is enriching and fulfilling for any aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their business. Ms.Wilson discussed her experience as a financial expert and advisor for the past decade. As a former Wall Street Investment Advisor, Dana knows a lot about stocks, bonds, investing, and saving. In a male-driven industry, Dana has overcome so many barriers to be a true pioneer in the financial industry. Her experience gives her the opportunity to support and create opportunities for people of color.

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According to Dana, there are very few, if any people of color in the financial industry teaching our community about wealth. Her idea has flourished into a business that provides financial resources for minorities that feel excluded from the 1%. There needs to be a powerful voice for people of color in different communities regarding the different financial options. Dana Wilson has become that voice of reason to create change. It’s pivotal to think about wealth in different ways to secure the bag as an entrepreneur. More importantly, you want to have your personal finances in order. The informal conversation in this podcast episode broke down the financial experts one should have on their team, digital strategies, and how the process can be streamlined.

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If you are an entrepreneur, start looking at opportunities to build your business credit, business insurance, and search for grants or loans. After listening to this podcast, you should take action. It’s time to write a plan and organize steps to execute. We must continue to provide our communities with tips, advice, and resources that will equip them for the future. As you read this blog, I urge you to listen to the podcast and make an informed decision. How will you move forward financially?

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There are digital strategies that can help you grow your brand effectively. When you look at how to grow in our day and age, you must consider marketing as a valuable option. Dana had some great advice about marketing her business to different communities. She has used Facebook and other media platforms to report financial advice, tips, and news for people of color in different communities. We must stay together and help each other prosper. There must be more leaders of color with opportunities to increase their wealth at all cost. This was a great conversation!

As a small business owner in the midst of a pandemic, saving your coins is a great option to think about. The culture of entrepreneurship has shifted over the last few months. Entrepreneurs have been faced with challenges and opportunities. The choice is up to us to create economic opportunities for our communities. If we are to create our own businesses that withstand unemployment rates, recessions, and political injustice then we must think bigger. As a lifestyle blogger, I look at important topics within different industries that reflect progress. I stumbled across a unique podcast that taught me the value of saving as an entrepreneur. Now, I save weekly to contribute to my entrepreneurial endeavors. Furthermore, platforms like this open up discussion about important issues that offer valuable solutions. Are you ready to start saving for your new business?


The Founders Get Funds podcast is in Season 2 and is better than ever. The podcast highlights the opportunities to connect, build, and prosper with like minded professionals. This gives entrepreneurs the ability to consider important options moving forward. These next five (5) months will be critical to the growth of your business. Do you want to emerge as a thriving business after this pandemic? It’s an important time to reflect on the financial literacy, tools, and resources available to you. This podcast platform packages great information for your ears all in one place on a weekly basis. After you make the right decision to listen, I suggest you click the link below to access the FGF podcast that is available:

This podcast is a unique platform that reflects the financial journey we take as entrepreneurs. The conversation instructs, teaches, and reports financial literacy in a simple yet fun way. Most entrepreneurs forget about the importance of saving for their business. We get so caught up in spending that we forget the important ways to build our business. These strategies often deal with investing and saving. It’s hard to take this journey alone so TheTagan has found a way to build a community for you to be a part of as an entrepreneur. No more lonely nights wondering about financial questions. The FGF platform has great solutions for you! There are like-minded professionals that are willing to share their experiences. Founder, TheTagan has found a way to bring financial experts together as she continues to service the community.


Podcast episodes discuss financial topics like the “Savings Club.” If you are interested in joining the “Savings Club,” reach out to TheTagan via email using the link below. This is more than a club, it’s a community where we discuss real-world solutions that can help you build financial freedom for your business. Imagine if you could practice, learn, and have access to recurring savings for the rest of 2020. What would you invest in to build your business and take it to the next level in 2021? This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Just listen and learn from this amazing podcast. Most business owners can’t obtain business credit right away. This FGF platform allows you to practice saving as a business owner with others. Are you willing to take that next step as a business owner or are you content with average results?


There are entrepreneurs of color all over the world that need to learn more about financial literacy. This opportunity is truly a life-changing experience. Since I joined in June 2020, I have a profound respect for how I spend and invest my money. I’ve learned so much from the FGF team that it’s unreal. I intend to participate in the next cycle and learn more about my business finances. Platforms like this serve as a great bridge to close the gap in our culture. We need more financial platforms for entrepreneurs of color to tap into as we look to rebuild our economy. Now more than ever is the best time to join and participate in this emerging movement. This time next year, the entrepreneurs in this club will be working towards 6-figure savings. Are you ready to build your business with the FGF Clubs?

Strive for the best results that you can achieve during this time of uncertainty. It’s alright to be lost financially but I’m offering you the option to find your way. When you start discussing your problems and listening to financial experts that know about credit, saving, and investing then your mindset changes. You will start to break into the next tax bracket with consistency and effort. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by without thinking about how you can change your life forever. There are a lot of informal financial resources and tools that allow you to tap into the financial literacy world on this podcast. I hope you’re ready! Founders Get Funds does an amazing job of connecting entrepreneurs with savings clubs. The FGF Savings Club enables entrepreneurs to listen, learn, and grow from a wealth of experience.

Written By: Jerreme Wade, Founder at ItzProgressJ LLC

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