The New Beauty Standard

The world is shifting. Are you working to keep up or trying to hold on to the past? Online sales went up by 49% in April. You have already seen the response to this from Facebook/Instagram. Their “Shop” feature will now be a separate page on the platform. It is expected to be a free and easy set up and include features for seamless lead generation. However, this shift towards technology has been happening for a while. Kim Roxie is a founder that lives on the edge of innovation. Her brand, Lamik Beauty, not only provides clean makeup to women of color but it makes beauty products more accessible through technology.

Kim had a brick-and-mortar store for 14 years when she decided to introduce e-commerce into her business. However, this wasn’t a shift she took alone. She participated in numerous tech accelerators to prepare her business to scale. Below are a the accelerators Kim participated:


Demo Day

Sputnik ATX


Founders First

New Voices Fund

Having a full-stack e-commerce store allowed for the infrastructure to handle the uptick in sales that followed COVID-19. The fact that Lamik Beauty can prove to be even more successful during a pandemic, makes it more attractive to investors. Additionally, introducing technology to her business resulted in her bringing on more team members to help in areas like digital marketing-- a great investment. Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter, is a mentor to Kim. In an interview, she mentioned that she got a loan for her business right after 9/11. If you are getting access to loans or grants, you can use this as a launch pad for your business by investing in technology.

Black women have had the experience of going to a make-up counter and not seeing a shade to match their complexion. Now, as product lines begin to expand, there isn’t an intentional focus on creating non-toxic products like at Lamik Beauty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamik Beauty’s customers have been able to send in pictures for a custom blended foundation. Also, their partnership with AgoFace has created the ability for virtual make-up try ons. You can test out their brow kit even if you have experienced hair loss in that area.

In addition to technology, relationships have always been an important part to Kim’s journey. She met her chemist at a tradeshow. When they met he said, “I want to help you make darker shades with better ingredients because I worked for a company that didn’t want to make darker shades because they didn’t like the way they looked in the bottle.” From there, she continued to build a relationship with them. The result-- her chemist incurred a lot of the upfront costs for her at the start of her business. Kim noted that sometimes you don’t have to have all the money to pay for things. However,

Other people have the resources sometimes, but do you have the relationships to secure those resources.

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