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The Mogul with Brittani Hunter

Brittani Hunter is the CEO and Founder of Mogul Millennial, the digital media platform for Black millennial entrepreneurs and corporate bosses. She is also a LinkedIn Top Voice and millennial expert whose work has been featured in Black Enterprise and JetMagazine. She is passionate about influencing and empowering millennials to dream big and hustle smart.

Mogul Millennial is her first company and she is still a solo founder despite building a growing team.

In this episode, Ms. Hunter spoke about her journey and standard operations. And now she is working to scale her business. Meanwhile, her team is now curating and sourcing content worldwide from industry leaders, career experts, entrepreneurs, and influencers for Black millennials looking to elevate their careers. As she said during conversation, she spent a lot of time on reading and talking to the Black entrepreneurs and professionals who are in start-up entrepreneurship spaces to help and support them.

This week’s guest, Brittani Hunter started a company that will inspire and motivate Black tech moguls for generations. The company is obsessed with helping young, ambitious Black entrepreneurs and professionals advance in their careers through smart, actionable resources. Check out the episode now.

Linked In --> https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittanihunter/

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