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The Finances To Hiring For Your Business with Shondra Washington

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Shondra Washington has worked in financial services since 2013. She was first introduced to corporate finance and strategy while working as a technology investment banker at one of the fastest growing investment banks in the world. In 2018, Shondra co-founded TBC-Capital, an education-first advisory and consulting firm, offering on-demand CFO, business development and strategy services for early-stage companies.

In this conversation, Shondra Washington gives steps to review your finances and determine who you should hire for your business. In addition, she describes that she utilizes high-level of strategies and plans to operate CFO's financial systems as a CFO. Shondra also states about the things you need to clarify before deciding on to be a real entrepreneur.

Running a business on your own can be overwhelming. Planning to hire and scale your business can be even more daunting. Want to learn from experts like Shondra Washington? Become a member of a FGF Club for weekly Get Funds Sessions on topics like this!

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