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The Uber For Beauty with Abisola Adeyale

The uber for “that time when you didn’t get enough packs of braiding hair” is here sis 🥰 InstaBeauty got you! Two tech founders started with a service at the University of Maryland and are growing a brand that is reliable and friendly. InstaBeauty provides same day delivery of beauty supply store products. This service offers pick-up, delivery and shipping.

The duo, Abisola Adeyale and Miracle Agyapong, have completed accelerators, pitch competitions and grants. This year old company has scaled to a site and is ready to see what’s next.

During the conversation, Abisola indicates that why she start her entrepreneurship in Maryland and Washington and BC area are the places that inspire her to run InstaBeauty. Abisola also says that Miracle's and her mission is to create a community for black people. Now, they are working on improving their website and official social media to better promote their brand. Moreover, Abisola expects to have more partnerships in the future.

Get the full story on how Insta Beauty is making the industry more inclusive and accessible from Abisola in this week’s podcast.

Visit the site for InstaBeauty here --> https://instabeautyinc.com/

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