The Pivot with TheTagan

This episode could be the one!

Founders Get Funds (FGF) is a global community and newsletter helping founders get funds together. It is for "solofounders" ready turn their side hustle into a business that works for them, their supporters and their funders. FGF creates content that inspires communities historically excluded from the "traditional finance market" to build trust and businesses together.

Tagan Horton is the emerging leader in Fintech and Digital Marketing. She have worked with a ROSCA of over 200 women entrepreneurs in Senegal and she interviewed the women and created digital media for them to share their stories, which paired with her experiences with Black women bootstrapping their businesses in America led to the creation of Founders Get Funds (FGF Clubs).

In this episode, Tagan described her reasons for starting Founders Get Funds (FGF). Follow the concept, "Community is the core", she is also working on building a online community for black people to get more funds and opportunities. In addition, she introduces FGF leaderboard and the way to get FGF points.

Now, stay connected to the top funders and join FGF community!




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