The Life of The Party With Jared Eummer

Updated: May 21, 2020

From running to find your friends when “Swag Surf” comes on to running for protection when you hear “Faneto”, HBCU college parties are an experience. While he was a sophomore at Florida A&M University (FAMU), Jared Eummer’s social capital allowed him to lead the party scene. His friend, Christian Street, also studied at FAMU and was known for his modeling. The 2 friends lived in the same apartment complex and threw parties on the same night. They packed out their apartments with crowds of 200+ students piling in until they were hanging out the windows. Local promoters began offering them money to bring people to their events. The pair saw this as an opportunity to do something bigger and got to work.

They could have stopped here. If they did, they probably would have never founded Dream Marketing Group. Today, they are known for delivering hot events in cities like Miami, New York, and Tallahassee. In October of 2019, their inaugural FamexFest brought out 5,000 people to a concert showcasing some of the hottest artists at the time: including Christian Combs, Young Nudy and Da Baby. How did Jared and his partner move from working for promoters to this? Well, let’s just say the second greatest thing to a college student outside of a great party-- a refund check. While working for promoters, Jared wondered, “...If I am making this much, how much are the people paying me making?” He and his partner realized that they should save their refund checks from school and invest it into their events at local clubs. For them, it was low risk and high reward because they already had an audience looking for their parties. This is what grew the partnership into the business, Dream Marketing Group.

From there, they transitioned from local parties to hosting concerts and private events with celebrities. According to Jared, the budget for these events can vary immensely. During 2019’s #HotGirlSummer, they booked Megan Thee Stallion 3 months in advance for an event in July. Although she hadn’t yet reached the fame she holds today, Jared recognized that she was the next big thing and was able to book her at a nice price. The production for this Brooklyn event was between $5-6K and brought out 1,000-1,500 people. This event brought the Dream Team around $50-60K. They took their profits and invested it into FamexFest, an event that took 6 weeks to organize. First, they booked Da Baby. Then, they used his drop, a video announcing he will be at the event, to market and sale tickets. From there, they were able to get more talent brought on. The result was roughly $190K in revenue.

As the business grows and Jared’s life changes, Dream Marketing Group has brought on new team members. They have plans for an even bigger and better FamexFest in 2020. Jared is excited but realizes it's going to take a little patience and hard work to achieve his goals.

“Broccoli City and Rolling Loud weren’t built in a day… It is all going to be a process. For something we want to scale and last we have to take it one day at a time.”

In our conversation, Jared mentions that, “no one can do anything by themselves”. The value of relationships is a part of the foundation of Founders Get Funds. Sometimes the best step to growing your business is connecting with a new friend. For more on this topic listen to the full interview here.

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