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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Founders Get Funds is a resource for you to fund your business. Learn real funding strategies from founders for founders through interviews hosted by yours truly, TheTagan. We will bring you real stories from founders on how they secured early-stage funding and how they continue to grow their business. Whether you want to listen, read, or see these interviews we have plenty of platforms for you to soak in this knowledge and make actionable steps to fund your business. Additionally, you can join in on the conversation by becoming a member of our Facebook group, “Founders Get Funds” or by calling into our live radio show.

Founders Get Funds Resource Guide

Podcast: Listen to a recorded version of our live radio show whenever. The interviews feature founders from different industries and backgrounds all while focusing on the topic of funding.

Posted every Tuesday. Available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and Anchor.

Blog: Read the highlights from that week’s interview and find additional resources to successfully fund your business.

Posted every Wednesday. Available on

Live Radio Show: Join our live radio show on Call in to ask questions or share your experience at 216-694-8910.

Every Thursday at 8:30 PM. Broadcasted on

YouTube Channel: View a recording of our live interview that highlights the main points.

Posted throughout. Available on YouTube.

Facebook Group: Join our community on Facebook, Founders Get Funds. Share and learn with other founders like you! Also,

get updates on national financial reports, finance opportunities, and events.

Join the conversation here.

For a weekly email notification on the release of our podcast go to Thank you for joining me on this journey as we discover new ways to fund our ventures together!

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