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Updated: May 21, 2020

“It was really important that I diversify my income… I just want to make sure that I’m covered on all bases”. Utilizing an e-commerce store is a great way to add revenue streams to your business. Additionally, bringing your brand online can help you engage with your target audience while learning more about them. This week, we heard from a founder who does e-commerce but MAKE IT FASHION! From stunning photos to awe striking designs, Terrance Williams has grown the brand Clutch89 all online. They bring you handmade and ethically sourced clutches, handbags, and accessories. It took time, personal commitment, and self evaluation for Terrance to evolve his brand to what it is today.

In the beginning, Clutch89 was just getting a couple orders a week. This allowed Terrance to use regular bubble mailers, address packages, and write thank you notes. However, as the orders started to increase in volume this was not sustainable. He decided to invest in a printer, scale, and ShipStation. Now, instead of going to the post office, USPS picks up his packages from home. Terrance doesn’t spend his time handwriting “thank you” notes but now he makes up for it through presentation. By using Vistaprint, you can add your logo and a personalized note to thank you cards. These changes helped Terrance cut down the time on his shipping process by 90%. Building a full-stack supply chain is essential to saving your business time and money.

One step to building out your supply chain is finding the right third-party logistics company like ShipStation. However, there are options and you should find what works best for you. Everlasting Love Fulfillment, is the nation’s only Black women-owned 3PL. Based in Atlanta, they provide services in order fulfillment, customer service, and email marketing. Why do you need a 3PL? Well, is your home filled with your products?👀 A 3PL can eliminate the need for a warehouse. This can save you money or if your home is your warehouse-- maybe your sanity. Also, if you can’t afford employees to fulfill shipping and transportation needs, finding the best way to outsource this can allow you to produce more volume. If you want to learn more about running a full stack supply chain, you can get a FREE FGF E-Commerce Guide, when you sign up for our email list today!

In our guide, we won’t just tell you how to build a great e-commerce platform that runs smoothly but we will give #FGFTips for growth. Terrance shared that social media is the main conversion funnel for his brand. Different social apps have a different target and demographic. Facebook is more for the “Boomer Generation” but Twitter is more for ‘Millennials.” Additionally, driving more traffic to your site is a revenue stream of its own. Terrance participates in affiliate programs with brands so he can get money for views and clicks. He generates this traffic not only by having amazing products but through sharing a genuine brand with content people love. You can do it too. Start by surrounding yourself with likeminded people. Join our Facebook group to start connecting with other founders today!

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