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This podcast is a unique platform where entrepreneurs of color can tune in to be informed and connected with the latest financial resources across the world. Founders Get Funds (FGF) does an amazing job of connecting entrepreneurs with savings clubs. The FGF Clubs are savings clubs that enable entrepreneurs to listen, learn, and grow from a wealth of experience. For example, entrepreneurs can listen to phenomenal financial advice in this amazing FGF podcast in season two. This is a free platform where financial experts share their advice. This is just one of the platforms that you have access to as a FGF member. Additionally, you will connect with financial experts across the world weekly on a virtual platform. An innovative platform that offers multiple ways to learn some of the best financial resources and tools in our generation today. If you are an emerging entrepreneur, you have to maximize a FGF platform.

Meet TheTagan! Host of the Founders Get Funds podcast. This amazing and informal series of conversations gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their financial journey within financial literacy. This podcast presents financial advice for the modern-day entrepreneur to establish longevity for their business or brand. TheTagan wants to connect thriving communities with emerging entrepreneurs of color. First, she wants to equip entrepreneurs of color with the right financial knowledge. Each podcast will highlight entrepreneurs within a specific industry that has a wealth of financial literacy and practice to offer. This is why she started FGF Clubs. This is a platform that gives entrepreneurs access to funds with top financial experts that advise them on how to spend, save, and grow their funds. Every week, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to discuss real-world questions with experts to come to valid solutions.

The initial episode of FGF Season 2, Episode 1 gives you the opportunity to learn more about the start of FGF. Then, you get to listen to the true value that this platform offers entrepreneurs of color. The possibilities for entrepreneurs of color are endless. This podcast is a platform that will help you achieve your goals and aspirations. When you access the FGF platform, you have the opportunity to develop your business or brand the right way. “FGF Clubs” give you access to funds that can impact your business and community. “The Thursday Spot” offers you the opportunity to build global friendships. These resources combined with great advice and insight will get you started on your journey to financial freedom by providing great literacy. It’s amazing to see the growth of the FGF’s movement over the past few months. From a vision to a plan, the FGF vision is now a reality that continues to grow stronger than ever. If you want to join this amazing experience or learn more about the clubs, please visit the link below.

FGF Clubs

There was so much great feedback from Season 1 of the FGF podcasts. TheTagan was inspired to create and launch Season 2. The power of information is amazing when the right people use it as a resource. Building a community of entrepreneurs that are financially aware is essential for our generation. This podcast is offering you the opportunity to receive information as a resource and tool to build financial freedom for your brand or business. The FGF mission continues to grow with new platforms that emerge for young professionals that want to be financially aware of the opportunities that exist.

During these uncertain times where the majority of business has switched to digital platforms, this virtual space has created an environment where entrepreneurs can come together and learn with open minds and hearts. This podcast is the beginning of a great movement that TheTagan has started with the help of an amazing team. Don’t miss out on episodes each week starting soon. If you want to connect with fellow entrepreneurs then join “The Thursday Spot” that will continue to grow. Are you ready to secure the bag for your brand or business? Then join Founders Get Funds movement today. The next meeting is August 11, 2020. More news and updates will come as we approach the date. You can connect to the FGF podcast using the link below.

FGF Podcast Season 2

Written By: Jerreme Wade, Founder at ItzProgressJ LLC

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