Are you frustrated with funding and managing your business alone? Do you want to achieve financial freedom and build wealth? Join a FGF club with 4 other like-minded founders to grow an emergency fund of $500, invest your savings and cash out. Every member will make weekly $20 deposits towards a group savings goal of $2,500. Grow your savings faster by joining multiple clubs and connecting with our list of mentors, suppliers, lenders and investors. 


  1. Complete the application.
  2. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email with a money personality test.
  3. Make your first deposit to secure a slot in a FGF club.(Cash App: $fgfclubs; Zelle:


  1. Get matched with 4 other like-minded founders to start saving towards your FGF club's savings goal.
  2. Send $20 a week to your FGF club's savings account via Cash App or Zelle.
  3. Save $500 with your FGF Club for access to investment opportunities to gain interest on your savings.
  4. Continue to save $20 a week for 25 weeks to reach your FGF club's savings goal of $2,500.
  5. Each member cashes out $500 plus 1/5 of any interest earned in a weekly rotation. 

Grow your savings faster by joining multiple clubs!


  • Gain interest on your savings
  • Grow an emergency savings fund
  • Join a savings club with 4 other like-minded founders to hold you accountable
  • Access to weekly "Get Funds" sessions with mentors suppliers, lenders and investors
  • Connect with mentors, suppliers, lenders and investors
  • E-FGF Kit
    • FGF E-Commerce Guide 
    • Get The Bag Boss COVID-19 Business Resources
    • Mentor bios
    • Get Funds Sessions + Events Calendar
  • Mailed FGF Kit (after you club saves $500)
    • FGF  T-Shirt
    • FGF Sticker
    • Thank you note
    • Bold XChange postcard



Can I join more than 1 FGF Club?
How does FGF Club invest our savings ?
After your FGF Club has saved $500, you will vote on investment opportunities to grow your savings. 
Once my FGF Club has reached our savings goal, how is the weekly cash out rotation determined?
The members will be placed in a rotation based the amount of late payments and how early they make payments. Each week
How do I leave the club if I change my mind? 
When you join a FGF Club, you are committing to save until your group reaches its savings goal. However, if you can no longer commit to saving $20 a week, please send an explanation via email to with your request. The FGF club will be dissolved. All members will receive the amount they saved up until that point excluding interest.   
What if I pay late?
Weekly deposits are due on Tuesdays at 6pm ET.  You can make late payments up to 7 days after they are due. If your payment is not received within this grace period, your FGF club will be dissolved.