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We All Gon' Eat

The culture of money has many of us chasing money. FGF collaborates to create media for founders ready to get for a healthier lifestyle. Our podcast and newsletter leverages a community of founders, investors and community builders to create a new culture of money.

The Who, What & WhyFounders Get Funds
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We conduct surveys to better understand the network of founders we’re building. This information confirms why FGF needs to exist. In Q4 of 2019, FGF conducted a survey to gather data on business funding being allocated to founders. We received 34 responses. Here’s the break down:

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You will learn alongside FGF through multimedia content that tells stories. Entrepreneurs sharing their experiences is vital to shifting the culture of money with empathy. Trust is the core of social capital. When we share our downfalls, we help everyone get up.

The Spelamn VentureFounders Get funds
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