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Founders Get Funds (FGF) is an independent publisher of digital multimedia content based in Cleveland, Ohio. FGF’s mission is to foster a culture for healthier community assets. We define community assets as public goods, trust and entrepreneurship. Healthier implies ethical, sustainable and scalable. FGF is a virtual shared space for founders, investors, lenders, philanthropists and community development organizations to create new solutions to old problems through public goods initiatives and business development resources. 


Founded in 2019, FGF was inspired by entreprenurship’s ability to build communities. It was imagined after our founder experienced the vigor of women founders in a savings club in Dakar, Senegal. Over 200 women gathered weekly to accumulate capital and engage in a system of Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Lending. They all owned businesses that would be included in the “informal sector.” In Senegalese urban areas, the informal sector accounts for 50% of employment. The informal market is defined by The International Labor Organization as “ease of entry, reliance on indigenous resources, family ownership, small-scale operation, and unregulated and competitive market.”


Under the influence of neoliberalism, the exploited communities, like Dakar, have experienced extreme deregulation of their respective economies. Neoliberalism is perpetuated through the globalization of markets and a global history of imperialism. Neoliberalism is a benevolent guise that keeps countries with a dependent colonial history trapped in a cycle of debt. The dependency model as defined by Dos Santos, “ [...] assumes the form of dependence when some countries [the dominant ones] can expand and they can be self-sustaining, while other countries [the dependent ones] can do this only as a reflection of that expansion, which can have either a positive or a negative effect on their immediate development.”

Neoliberalism has led to poor community development resulting in underserved “informal markets” around the globe. We recognize that community development’s neglect on affordable housing, women’s health and online education has decreased access to social capital. As a result, the value of community has diminished. The value of community is positively related to trust in the community. Trust is the foundation for all transactions. Therefore, our goal is to increase trust in communities. To do this, we stand on a theoretical framework that puts community at the core. With this framework, we develop public goods projects and businesses that are ethical, sustainable and scalable in order to bring trust to communities.

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Business development can not reach its full potential without community development. Community development projects increase access to social capital. Social capital increases trust in communities. Trust in communities increases access to capital for business development. However, without imagination the culture is not complete.


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